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Setting up Quay on an ARO cluster via Console

Last Editor: Dustin Scott
Published Date: 19 September 2022
Modified Date: 25 May 2023

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Red Hat Quay setup on ARO (Azure Openshift)

A guide to deploying an Azure Red Hat OpenShift Cluster with Red Hat Quay.

Author: [Kristopher White x Connor Wooley]

Video Walkthrough

If you prefer a more visual medium, you can watch [Kristopher White] walk through Quay Registry Storage Setup on YouTube .

Red Hat Quay Setup

Backend Storage Setup

  1. Login to Azure

  2. Search/Click Create Resource Groups

  3. Name Resource Group > Click Review + Create > Click Create

  4. Search/Click Create Storage Accounts

  5. Choose Resource Group > Name Storage Account > Choose Region > Choose Performance > Choose Redundancy > Click Review + Create > Click Create Click Go To Resource

  6. Storage Account View

  7. Go to Data Storage > Click Container > Click New Container > Name Container > Set Privacy to Public Access Blob > Click Create

  8. Go to Storage Account > Click Access Keys > Go to key 1 > Click Show Key

  9. Storage Account Name, Container Name, and Access Keys will be used to configure quay registry storage.

Red Hat Quay Operator Install

Admin View

  1. Log into the OpenShift web console with your OpenShift cluster admin credentials.

  2. Make sure you have selected the Administrator view.

  3. Click Operators > OperatorHub > Red Hat Quay.

  4. Search for and click the tile for the Red Hat Quay operator.

  5. Click Install.

  6. In the Install Operator pane:

  7. Select the latest update channel.

  8. Select the option to install Red Hat Quay in one namespace or for all namespaces on your cluster. If in doubt, choose the All namespaces on the cluster installation mode, and accept the default Installed Namespace.

  9. Select the Automatic approval strategy.

  10. Click Install.

Successful Install

Red Hat Quay Operator

Redhat Quay Registry Deployment

  1. Make sure you have selected the Administrator view.

  2. Click Operators > Installed Operators > Red Hat Quay > Quay Registry > Create QuayRegistry.

  3. Form View Red Hat Quay Form View

  4. YAML View Red Hat Quay YAML View

  5. Click Create > Click Registry

  6. Successful Registry Deployment Pre Storage

  7. Click Config Editor Credentials Secret

  8. Go to Data > Reveal Values (These values are used to login to Config Editor Endpoint)

  9. Go to Registry Console > Click Config Editor Endpoint >

  10. Registry Config Editor Login

  11. Scroll down to Registry Storage > Click Edit Fields > Go to Storage Engine click the drop down and select Azure Blob Storage > Fill in Azure Storage Container with Storage Container Name > Fill in Azure Account Name with Azure Storage Account Name > Fill in Azure Account Key with Azure Storage Account Access Key

  12. Quay Registry Storage Config

  13. Click Validate Configuration Changes

  14. Click Reconfigure Quay Reconfiure Quay

  15. Go to Registry Console > Click Registry Endpoint

  16. Quay Registry Login

  17. Click Create Account

  18. Login to Quay.

  19. Click Create Repository

  20. New Quay Repo